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Research snapshot – A consensus report about early detection of melanoma Janda 2020

What is known? A Melanoma Screening Summit was held in Brisbane, Australia, to review evidence regarding current approaches for early detection of melanomas and explore new opportunities. What is new? The Summit attendees concluded that there is currently insufficient information…

Research snapshot – Assessing the accuracy of melanoma risk prediction models Vuong 2020

how accurately they predicted the risk of melanoma in a sample of 1164 people. All of these people had participated in the population-based Australian Melanoma Family Study and information was available for each person on their melanoma risk factors and…

Research snapshot – Comparative performance of predictors of death from thin melanoma Claeson 2021

What is known? Despite overall favourable prognosis, thin (≤1.0 mm) cutaneous melanoma account for 23% of melanoma deaths in Queensland because of the sheer volume of disease. The availability of adjuvant systemic therapy has increased the focus on identifying patients…

Research snapshot – Risk factors for the development of melanoma vary according to body site Laskar 2020

people diagnosed with their first invasive melanoma were compared to that of people without the disease. Melanomas of the trunk and limbs were found to be more strongly associated with increased mole counts, while head and neck melanomas were more…

nodular melanoma

A type of cutaneous melanoma. Makes up about 10% of melanomas, and is often more aggressive….

superficial spreading melanoma

The most common type of cutaneous melanoma, making up almost 50% of all cases….

acral lentiginous melanoma

A rare type of cutaneous melanoma that occurs on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet or under the nails.

melanoma in-situ

An early melanoma that has not penetrated into deeper tissue (the dermis)….

localised melanoma

A melanoma that has not spread from its starting point to lymph nodes or other organs.