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cone biopsy

Removal of a cone-shaped piece of the cervix for examination under a microscope.


The removal of a small sample of tissue from the body for examination under a microscope to help diagnose a disease.

sentinel node biopsy

Removal of the sentinel node. If this is clear, no further lymph nodes are removed….

needle core biopsy

A procedure in which tissue is removed from an organ or lymph node using a needle….

fine needle aspiration (FNA)

A biopsy procedure in which a fine needle is placed into a lump to extract cells.


A specialist who studies diseases to understand their nature and cause, and who interprets the results of tests (such as a biopsy or blood count)….

pathology report

The written test results done on tissue removed during biopsy or surgery. It provides information about the cancerous tissue, including its size and location, hormonal status, how far it has spread, surgical margins and how fast it is growing….


A type of surgery. The surgeon opens the chest cavity through a cut on the back to examine, biopsy and/or remove the tumour….