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through the body to target rapidly dividing cancer cells in the organs and tissues. This is known as systemic treatment. Sometimes chemotherapy is delivered directly to the cancer. This is known as local chemotherapy. Why have chemotherapy Chemotherapy can be…

intraperitoneal chemotherapy

A technique of administering chemotherapy into the abdominal cavity via injection into the peritoneum.


The use of cytotoxic drugs to treat cancer by killing cancer cells or slowing their growth. Chemotherapy can also be used to reduce the size of the cancer and help lessen the pain. It may be given in combination with…

chemotherapy pump

A portable device that allows a person to receive chemotherapy at home. The pump is usually attached to a central line and carried around a person’s waist in a bag or belt holster.

News: Adding spice to improve chemotherapy symptoms

Researchers at Bond University will investigate the use of ginger supplementation to help cancer patients who may experience chemo-related nausea and vomiting, thanks to funding from Cancer Council. Nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy can significantly affect patients’ appetite, quality…

News: Chemotherapy and radiation in childhood can cause rare cancer

Australian children diagnosed with cancer and treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy are around 50 times more likely to be diagnosed with a secondary therapy-related cancer, compared to the general population. New research by Children’s Health Queensland and Cancer Council…


A doctor who uses drugs, including chemotherapy, to treat cancer. Also called medical oncologist….


A substance (e.g. chemotherapy) that is toxic to cells.


Surgical removal of a part of a tumour, to enhance the effectiveness of other treatments, such as chemotherapy.

targeted therapies

…or other substances to selectively target proteins or other molecules involved in cancer cell growth. Two types of targeted therapies are drug therapies and immunotherapies. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy affects all cells, but targeted therapies avoid damage to normal cells….