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health care team

A group of health professionals who are responsible for treating the person you care for. This may also be called the multidisciplinary team.

specialist palliative care team

A multidisciplinary team with many health professionals who offer a range of services to improve a patient’s quality of life and help with any problems they have. A community nurse or palliative care nurse usually coordinates the team….

primary health care provider

A health professional, such as a general practitioner (GP) or community nurse, who provides the first point of contact for a person to help them with a range of health care matters….

primary health care

A person’s main health care, which is provided by a general practitioner (GP) or a community nurse. It can include initial tests and diagnoses of disease, health promotion, disease prevention, and chronic illness management….

multidisciplinary (MDT) care

team collaborate to discuss a patient’s physical and emotional needs as well as any other factors affecting their care. The team meets to review cases and decide on different treatments and care. A palliative care team also offers multidisciplinary care….

palliative care unit

A place that provides comprehensive care for people with a limited prognosis. This includes inpatient medical care, respite care and end-of-life care for people who are unable to die at home. It may also offer day care facilities and home…

News: Everyday Health Survey seeks keys to health and happiness

on Queenslanders aged 18 and over to complete the online survey and test their everyday health.“Our Everyday Health Survey will inform the development of targeted strategies to help all Queenslanders live healthier, happier and more empowered lives,” Ms Clift said….

respite care

Alternative care arrangements that allow the carer and person with cancer a short break from their usual care arrangements. Respite care can be given in the home, at hospital or in a palliative care unit….

Health Professional Cancer Network

Health professionals play a key role in cancer control through cancer prevention, early detection, cancer diagnosis and treatment, survivorship and palliative care. Cancer Council Queensland aims to reduce the incidence of cancer, to diagnose cancer early, and enhance the standard of care for people impacted by cancer by engaging with health professionals and providing access to information and educational opportunities.

of care for people impacted by cancer by engaging with health professionals and providing access to information and educational opportunities. Health professionals are encouraged to join the Health Professional Cancer Network. Network members will be provided with regular updates on…

Our Research Team

…as a Senior Research Fellow at Cancer Council Queensland in July 2019 and now manages the Health Systems and Behavioural Research team. She was awarded her PhD in 2017 and has a strong research background in psychology and health behaviour….