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invasive breast cancer

Cancer that has spread from the lining of the breast ducts or lobules into the surrounding breast tissue.

non-invasive breast cancer

Cancer that is confined to the ducts or lobules of the breast….

News: Where women live influences decisions about breast cancer treatment

New joint research has found that the distance to cancer services may be influencing the treatment intentions of regional Queensland women diagnosed with breast cancer. Specifically, a study by QUT, Cancer Council and BreastScreen Queensland found that where a…

News: Queensland researchers discover cancer kill switch for breast cancer subtype

available for their specific breast cancer. “This research worked to identify potential new drug targets for breast cancer that act by changing the level of calcium inside breast cancer cells to stop their growth. “While more research is still needed…

Blog: Cancer Council Queensland announce the next round of $4 million dollar cancer research grants targeting melanoma and ovarian cancer

Together, we are all working towards a cancer free future for all Queenslanders. To find out more about the latest cancer research projects conducted and funded by Cancer Council Queensland, click here ….

News: World Cancer Day: Cancer leaders call for equal access to reduce premature cancer deaths by 25%

Cancer Council Queensland has joined with cancer leaders, health professionals and supporters across the world calling for urgent action to reduce the rate of premature cancer deaths globally, with diagnostic and treatment access to be prioritised. World Cancer Day (Sunday,…

Breast Cancer

see What Is Cancer? Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the cells of the breast. A malignant tumor is a group of cancer cells that can grow into (invade) surrounding tissues or spread (metastasize) to distant areas…

News: Free wigs give Queensland cancer patients their confidence back

Cancer Council Queensland is reaching out to Queensland women who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatment, offering free wigs and turbans in a time of need. Women diagnosed with cancer can borrow a wig or turban,…

Get Moving with Team CCQ

your contribution goes a long way. As a community we can make a difference to the one in two Queenslanders diagnosed with cancer. Your efforts will help Cancer Council Queensland continue to fund vital cancer research, prevention and support services….