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Cancer Council Queensland provides information programs for Queenslanders impacted by cancer. To support access to this information online videos are provided.

Watch the videos to learn more about a range of cancers, treatment options and ways to cope with cancer. As part of these sessions you will hear expert knowledge from health professionals and researchers, as well as hear from people sharing their stories.

These videos should not be used as a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice. To read Cancer Council Queensland’s full health disclaimer, please click here.

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Coping with fear of cancer recurrence

Speaker: Prof Jane Turner, Faculty of Medicine, the University of Queensland

Keeping active during and after cancer

Speaker: Prof Sandi Hayes, Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University

Brain Tumour Forum 2019

Speaker: Dr Art Kamiski, Radiation Oncologist – New trials and treatment

Speaker: Bridie Rankin, Exercise Physiologist – Exercise as a cancer survivor

Speaker: Lee Cubis, Psychologist – Communication with friends and family after brain tumour

Speaker: Andrew Carlson, Cancer survivor and Cancer Council Cancer Connect volunteer – a survivor’s story

Coping with the emotional impacts of breast and gynaecological cancer 2019

Speakers: Dr Keely Gordon-King, Psychologist, Cancer Counselling Service, Cancer Council Queensland & Margaret Nugent, Cancer Support Coordinator, Cancer Council Queensland

Read the transcript of the presentation

Brain Tumour Forum 2018

Speaker: Dr Terri Armstrong, Senior Investigator (USA) – Be your own best advocate

Speaker: Dr Po-ling Inglis, Medical Oncologist – Update on glioma trials

Speakers: Dr Carolina Sandler and Molly Shevill, Accredited Exercise Physiologists – Exercise as medicine

Speaker: Lee Cubis, Clinical Psychology Registrar – Managing cognitive effects and enhancing psychological wellbeing

Head and Neck Cancer Forum 2018

Speaker: Rene Kloeti, Survivor of head and neck cancer – My personal experience

Read the transcript of Rene’s presentation

Speaker: A/Prof Martin D. Batstone, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital – Role of human papilloma virus (HPV) in head and neck cancer

Read the transcript of A/Prof Batstone’s presentation

Speaker: Dr Megan Carroll, Radiation Oncology Registrar, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital – Managing long-term effects of head and neck treatment

Read the transcript of Dr Carroll’s presentation

Speaker: Lucy Bailey, Nurse Counsellor, Cancer Council Queensland – Psychosocial challenges and coping strategies

Read the transcript of Lucy Bailey’s presentation

Panel discussion – A/Prof Martin Batstone, Dr Megan Carroll, Lucy Bailey, Rene Kloeti and Ursula Kloeti

Read the transcript of the panel discussion

Research, Hope & Understanding Ovarian Cancer Forum June 2018

A collaboration between Cancer Council Queensland and Ovarian Cancer Australia

Speaker: Kristen Larsen, Cancer Survivor – cancer survivor experience with ovarian cancer

Speaker: Dr Keely Gordon-King, Clinical Psychologist – Psycho-social impact of Ovarian Cancer

Speaker: Dr Camron Ebzery, Genetic Counsellor – Genetic Testing for Women with Ovarian Cancer

Speaker: Dr Kathryn Middleton, Medical Oncologist – Research & Clinical trials

Living with Head and Neck Cancer Forum 2017

Speaker: Larry Doherty, Community Support Volunteer – Reflection: My Personal Experience

Speaker: Dr Graeme Dickie, Director of Radiation Oncology – Long Term and Late Effects of Head and Neck Cancer

Speaker: Katie Benton, Surgical Dietitian – What do I eat?

Speakers: Jaala Hides & Jocelyn Foo, Physiotherapists – The Benefit of Physiotherapy

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